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Phoenix Social Enterprise is a charity and company limited by guarantee. The organisation evolved from The Black Development Agency, established in 1991 as a Specialist Council of Voluntary Services to empower minority ethnic and other disadvantaged groups by building up their skills, ability and capacity. This work met their need for mobilisation in society as these groups had no knowledge of available funding and lacked training. PSE continues to tackle social exclusion via projects and activities that are of particular benefit to disadvantaged groups and minority ethnic communities, with an emphasis on education, training and employment. Current projects focus on education services, youth mobility and citizenship rights, as well as providing accessible courses and training for the community. We also serve as a community hub, providing a valuable space for activities, groups and local businesses.

To create bespoke employment, training and learning opportunities for diverse people working in a diverse environment where people from different cultural backgrounds can thrive.


Be a local global leader in providing education, training, business development and employment opportunities for skilled and semi-skilled personnel to drive industries at home and abroad.

ACHIEVEMENT: Use the right mental attitudes to help people transform their lives through training, education, employment, experience, support and inspiration.


INCLUSION: Work in inclusive environment where individuals feel comfortable being themselves, sharing ideas, and creating inclusive growth crucial for achieving sustainable economic development and respect for all people and abilities.

EXCELLENCE: Strive for excellence in all our services by being innovative and creative in our outlook and approach whilst encouraging qualities in our clients, stakeholders and staff.

FOCUS: Always be professional and purposeful, working towards shared strategic goals and manage our resources. We are always looking forward in our engaging with the wider social and economic environment.

INTEGRITY: We uphold our values in planning and decision-making, our services and learning, and in our actions and relationships with others. We aim to be fair, open, honest and accountable to the communities we serve and to treat all with respect. 


Babs Williams
Chief Executive Officer 

Babs Williams is our CEO, responsible for leading the development and execution of the company’s long-term strategy. As CEO she is ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the company’s long and short term plans.

Clement McLarty
Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Clement directs PSE's service and business operations across the organisation and with external partners. He is responsible for ensuring delivery of services in line with contract and funder requirements, and achieving high quality and positive outcomes for service users. 

Dr. Anthony Stott
Project Manager

Anthony is our Senior Project Manager. He oversees all UK and EU projects from conception to implementation and analyses the final projects results. He has a background in project development and implementation, and an extensive understanding of the employment, education and training development industries.

Sarah Hough
Research Officer

Sarah meets PSE’s research information needs, for both internal and external audiences. In particular, her role focuses on providing easy to understand written information for internal briefings, and external outlets such as print publications, social media and the web. 

Beverly Davis
Maintenance Officer

Beverly is responsible for operational activities across the building including planned maintenance of the building and ongoing upkeep of our offices and other areas.  She ensures the provision of cost effective maintenance services to our multi-complex office and conference facilities. 

Yasmin Mohamed
ESOL Tutor

Yasmin is our English as a Second Language and employability specialist. She runs our Life in the UK Course, as well as taking a lead role in the production of training materials and courses designed by PSE.

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