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The Handling Multiculturality in Care project is developing a series of training programmes, tools and materials for frontline care workers, nurses, care managers and other care professionals to enable them to work more effectively with people in their care from diverse backgrounds.  


Everyday, health care workers and nurses make a positive difference in human lives by providing high quality health care. But now, in the 21st century, providing health care services within an increasingly multicultural and global society can be challenging without appropriate knowledge and understanding of cultural difference amongst staff, users and patients. Developing our own cultural competence and assisting other health professionals avoid misunderstandings when working in multicultural environments.


The Handling Multiculturality in Care (HMC) project aims to provide the necessary training to enable health care professionals to deliver culturally specific services customised to fit patient's cultural values, beliefs, traditions, practices, and lifestyle. For further information follow the link to the HMC website here

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