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EPODS promotes European integration of teachers Continuous Professional Development in Second Chance Education. The project sets up an organic growing database connecting training courses, tools, material for teachers and other beneficiaries.

The project works with 6 European countries (UK, Netherlands, Cyprus, Germany, Greece and Italy) to support teachers, trainers and other educators working in Second Chance Education Continuous Professional Development (CPD). It assists these educators to set their own development goals, take courses and monitor their progress. In this way, the EPODS online professional development services enable teachers/trainers and other educators to maintain high levels of support to learners. E-learning courses and an e-learning creation tool further support the accessible and continuous learning of teachers/trainers.

EPODS is part of Second Chance Education Europe. Click here to access our site where you will find best practice tools, learning materials, mobility guidance, database of training courses and much more.

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